還有同一日發售LEAF的RE ARRANGE SACD等等,收到消息已經預定一筆錢買之外,


例如創聖のアクエリオン的ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK 1(資料)和 2(資料)
石川智晶的 僕はまだ何も知らない。(初回限定盤DVD付き)(資料)
還有ラーゼフォン CD-BOX (資料)等等共四片唱片,既不是台版,也不是SAMPLE碟,是原裝日本碟,會選上它們原全是基於一個命運的偶遇。

其實以上TITLE我一早聽了,我的評語是即是聽了也值得買碟支持。我雖然出名「傻」,但未至於百萬開頭,現在只見價錢合適,創聖のアクエリオン的ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK 1原價要3000日圓,現在折實五十六元港紙,2算都無;
ラーゼフォン CD-BOX 四隻碟要4600日圓,現在只是162元,四算都無,




呀...我咪係本網網主囉 :)

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  1. 艾雲表示:



  2. オニギリ表示:

    平價版,會轉唔夠一個圈,永遠卡喺 ending 前 ^_^

  3. doraemonserv2表示:

    我這御宅將會在十年內入考評局改革通識課程教 ACG & Music

    我這個月的收購項目是利用  $100000助學金狂掃  HKCEE, HKASL, HKALE 和  GCE  pastpapers, marking schemes, curriculum reports 和動漫文化論述書。

    當然,  ACG  包含文學,散文必不可少:

  4. doraemonserv2表示:

    任何人也可以  master ACG Theory, Practice, Issues and Ideologies! [emot]grin[/emot]

    You know, since I have mastered pure science, social science and thus my OJA STUDIES is my cup of teas. My goal is to exclude mediocre "normal" fun-making persons (inlcuding Dogmen, Malicious kids, KongGirl and Kum-Yam Troop) from normal curve and include gifted education that can benefits all talented and potentially competent ACG fans with otakus!

    Let's kill infotainmental TVB and showbiz human scum and turn it back to performance art first! [emot]kill[/emot]

  5. doraemonserv2表示:

    As you may know, my girlfriend is going to be a Ph D. of General Eduaction – and she is a classical lolita!

    She also tells me that the most effective way to teach others without being a teacher is to podcast!

    So will you podcast?

    I will podcast ACG discourses since 2008-1 (i.e. the time when the 7 projects in my TY IVE MIT 41380A are finished up!)

    My English is not that difficult once you know my method of programming! [emot]pig[/emot]

  6. Doraemonserv2表示:

    If you have read 2 books:

    1. 電波男
    2. Why men don't listen and women can't read map

    You will find that females are very good at audio I/O while males are excel in math and visual I/O. Therfore turning girls into Anime fans is actually very easy-whenever what they listen is NOT vocal first but PURE MUSIC. Mozart Effect, you know.

  7. Doraemonserv2表示:

    > ACG  包含文學

    Go to syaoran's blog in CUHKACS and note how he interpert the song lytics and make use of his imagination to write novels! (for Tsubasa)

    Otakus will be very valuable if they all enter educational systems to assist and inspire others, but they will NOT control others since they hate hegemony and authority in essence.

  8. Doraemonserv2表示:



  9. Doraemonserv2表示:

    At least I have conquered all male social workers who have psychometric foundation in Tsing Yi IVE!

    By the way, apart from academic item, I also collect accessories regarding magic girl series (you know, I have otome soul; believe it or not, I have NO Y chromosome according to my DNA test 3 days ago from Margaret ! Durlin is the making of my external male organs!):

    1. Pretty Cure
    2. Rire & Fine (<- I don't know the actual English name, but TVB has broadcase it and call it as so-called "double star princesses" — sth like that)
    3. Ojamajo Doremi

    items included sticker, sticker books, skectch books, coloring books and Xmas card.

    They look silly, but their complex geometry make me a great leap in IVE project of Maya!



  10. Doraemonserv2表示:

    Rire ==> Rite

    If I still can recall it, her Chinese translation is X伊恩.

  11. xelns表示:

    石川智晶 僕はまだ何も知らない XD ~~~
    LOVE that CD so much!!!!  Right now the limited edition is even getting more expensive… around ¥4,000 I believe…  and you got that at $72??? That’s crazy!!!  That’s a really great deal!!!   so envious!!!  i wish i can get that kind of cheap prices on ebay or amazon… yeah right…maybe in my dream… it's impossible for me to get the import CDs in Canada at those cheap prices… aiya… right now don’t even want to look at those numbers… make me want to fly back to hk just to shop for CDs XD ~~

  12. doraemonserv2表示:

    >  fly back to hk

    IVE guys like me, why you can write Chinguish while I cannot afford to?

    I don't want to use HKGolden langauges to dscribe you, but I cannot see any schema of your "feeling" behind, but the motive of which is self-evident? Show off your "English" right?

    "yeah right"

    Oh… I get used to observe such guesture as eyesores.

    Get it? Once I find anyone who is selfish in nature I will haave the duty to tackle it.

    Getting back to the main theme of the blog entry here:

    Listening to music is crucial to understanding of girls.

    My first touch to comtemporary anime apart from general ones, Doraemon + OldMasterQ + Pokemon, is the melody (not vocal) of the Muji Series of Ojamajo Doremi. Then you can tackle every complex syntaxs of author's psyche step by step.

    I both Winmx them and buy the parallel CD as the webmaster do. You know, MP3 and CDs are but of different disciplines!

  13. doraemonserv2表示:

    Oops…a typo:

    haave ==> have

  14. doraemonserv2表示:

    Note the polymorphism of English symbols beyond western langauge systems (including romaji):

    Chinguish ~ Chinglish

    The fixation "l" implies derivatives from English

    The fixation "u" in my previous typing implies "guess"

    Get it? Mastering real English is not that easy as many HKCEE-goers by tutorial courses think.

  15. doraemonserv2表示:


    complex syntaxs


    complex syntax
    set of complex syntaxes

  16. doraemonserv2表示:

    Oh. The problem is simple

    touch is a verb [b]as well as a noun[/b]

    (I have used the latter part of speech)

    > 我是對的

    It is mathematically impossible. Human does not have only one data type as boolean (I assume you know what Sun Java is).

  17. doraemonserv2表示:

    >  還是其他意思

    Let me rephrase it more clearly:

    Melody is the key to understanding author's psyche with his visual products (anime)

    An anime without music is by no means complete.

  18. 真嗣表示:


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